The Department of Physics was established on September 26th, 2008, according to decision No. 333/QD-ĐHQT-TCHC of the President of the International University. The Department has been in charge of teaching all fundamental courses of Physics for other departments in our university. The courses are built to equip students with basic knowledge as well as practical skills such as Classical Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Electromagnetism, Optics, Quantum Physics, and Physics Laboratories.

In 2016, the International University officially opened the undergraduate Space Engineering program in the Department of Physics according to decision No. 261/QD-ĐHQG dated April 14th, 2016, of the Chancellor of VNU-HCM. The Space Engineering program trains engineers in the application of satellite technology, including signal processing and analysis, satellite imagery, remote sensing technology, and satellite navigation. The curriculum of the SE pro-gram is designed to offer students the following: (1) Mathematics, (2) Physics, (3) Sciences for space engineers, (4) Development of technical solutions, such as signals and information systems, image processing, geographic information system (GIS), and satellite communication systems, (5) Programming for mobile devices using global positioning systems (GPS), (6) Big data analytics for satellite technology and business, and (7) Experiment in eight laboratories with 15 credits, focusing on analyzing and interpreting satellite signals.

Research Fields:

  • Remote sensing and big data analytics;
  • Satellite navigation technology and mobile application development;
  • Space sciences;
  • Machine learning application in science and technology;
  • Design and operate large radio antenna.


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