Introduction to Biomedical Engineering (BME)

BME is an emerging interdisciplinary field that involves the applications of technology to the creation of new methodologies and devices for human welfare and for a better understanding of human biological processes. The BME School was created in March 2009 as a platform for students and faculty to excel. The School motto is: High Quality, Sustainability and Usefulness. We concentrate on building an infrastructure and operating system that will stimulate students to perform well beyond the academic requirements and faculty, to investigate issues that exist only in Vietnam and to attract international students and researchers.


Our vision is to promote integrative research, education and entrepreneurship at the forefront of biomedical science and engineering – strong ties between the university, hospitals and corporations. Currently, the School is focused on two orientations: Design and Applications of Medical Instrumentation to satisfy the urgent needs of the country, and Regenerative Medicine to prepare the country to participate in the cutting edge of scientific research and globalization.

Program Educational Objectives Prepare students:

  • To be ready to pursue higher education in Vietnam or abroad, and to embark on research or teaching
  • To have a focused vision and solid knowledge in basic, applied science and technology, and entrepreneurship.

Program Outcomes

The program is designed according to the ABET’s guidelines and to the needs of Vietnam, to foster innovation, creativity, team building, competence and confidence to spur research and leadership.

Job opportunities

  • Clinical engineers who are well versed in the principles and operations of medical equipment used in the hospitals to help physicians in clinical treatments, and in advanced research,
  • Entrepreneurs capable of developing and putting on the market new medical devices, managing healthcare establishments, and establishing startup companies,
  • Researchers in scientific institutions, or science and technology educators.

Research and Development

We concentrate on developing new medical devices for out-patients, suitable for Vietnam and developing countries. Other topics: Near Infra-Red Spectroscopy to investigate hemodynamic activities of the brain and muscles, Telemedicine and E-hospital to globalize the medical information exchange and diagnostics, Biomechanics and Regenerative Medicine to create new biomaterials and organs from stem cells. We also focus on the technology transfer to the industry and other private sectors.



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