The international scientific research activities are growing encouragingly, with several scientific projects funded by our foreign partners, such as:

  1. Developing a Low Cost Device for Pre-Diagnostic of Heart Disease in Low-Income countries, in collaboration with Grand Challenges Canada in Global Health Programs, University of Saskatchewan, Canada
  2. Study of Electronically Scanning Antenna Technologies, in collaboration with Electronic Navigation Research Institute, Independent Administrative Institution, Japan
  3. Hydrogel Surface Topology and Marine Anti-Founling, in collaboration with Office of Naval Research Global
  4. Anti-cancer activities of exopolysaccharides from myxomycetes, funded by International Foundation for Science (IFS)

International University is proud to organize, on the annual basis, international conferences and specialized seminars with the contribution of reputed Professors and Speakers. The subjects can vary enormously, from Biomedical Engineering, Information Technology, Electrical, Physics, and Biotechnology to Pharmaceutical Engineering, etc. From 2010 to December 2015, 12 international conferences were held with the participation of scientists from all around the world:

  1. Biomedical Engineering (2010, 2012, 2014) at HCM-IU campus.
  2. Information Technology (2011, 2013, 2014) at HCM-IU campus, in collaboration with Hanoi University of Science and Technology.
  3. Reproductive Biotechnology (2013), Binh Thuan.
  4. Electrical Engineering (2013) in Ho Chi Minh City.
  5. Modeling of Complex Systems and Environments (2015) in Da Nang.
  6. Business Administration (2015) at HCM-IU campus.
  7. Genetic Medicine (2015) in Ho Chi Minh City,
  8. The 16th Asian Pacific Industrial Engineering and Management Systems conference – APIEMS (2015)

For more information on research opportunities, please visit Scientific Research info page, or Technology Transfer info page.