International University is accredited by MOET in 2016 and assessed by AUN-QA in 2018

02 programs were accredited by ABET

13 programs were assessed by AUN-QA


Computer Science
Business Administration
Electrical Enigneering
Industrial and Systems Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
Food Technology
Finance and Banking
Civil Engineering
Logistics and Supply Chain Management


Master of Biotechnology
Master of Industrial and Systems Engineering
Master of Business Administration

International University


  • Currently, International University has 21 undergraduate programs, of which 10 programs were assessed by AUN-QA and 02 ABET accredited programs.
  • Besides, there are 22 twinning programs with top universities in the world.

International University


  • IU currently has 10 Master degree programs and 04 Doctorate degree programs which involve 03 programs are assessed by AUN-QA.


Prospective students

Welcome to Prospective Students site of the International University (IU), Vietnam National University – Ho Chi Minh City.
It could be the case that you are currently not clear about whether you should study abroad or in Vietnam, and which university to attend to. Those decisions are too important for you to make relying on yourself only. It is therefore no surprising that you seek advice from your acquaintances, information on university brochures, or admission forums. However, the question is, can the information accumulated from these sources really help you make your best choice?

This page will provide you with necessary information about the admission process and activities of the Youth Union and Student Association. Also available on this page are details about tuition fees and scholarships for future students. We hope that having been through this page will lead you to a wise decision, namely, to entrust your future to the International University – established in 2003 and the first state university in Vietnam using English as a medium of instruction. We commit ourselves to three main missions: internationally standardized teaching, researching, and contributing to the sustainable development of the community, society, and country.

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Current students

Welcome to the current student page.

Visiting this page will enable you to manage on-line all information related to academic affairs and tuition. This on-line service, being time-saving and user-friendly, helps familiarize you with state-of-the-art management commonly used the world over. In addition to information about academic affairs and tuition, you can access data and facts about scholarship, jobs, internship, clubs and teams in our university.

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International students

Dear Students,

On behalf of the International University (IU), it is indeed my great honor to welcome you and thank you for choosing IU, the first public English speaking university in Vietnam.

You are joining a unique and vibrant campus community located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam’s largest metropolis with approximately 6,000 students. It is where academic and research excellence and students satisfaction constantly drive our every activity and decision.

As the student at IU, may your experiences be memorable and your studies challenging and enjoyable. You will also have the opportunity to explore Vietnamese culture and expand your network of contacts.
The IU’s staff is committed to give you the opportunity to improve your career prospects and provide the support you need to achieve your academic goals at IU.

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Welcome to the International University ‘s Alumni Information page .

International University Alumni Association (IUAA) is a dynamic hub for more than 2000 graduate members across different countries, which has been keeping the IU’s alumni connected to each other as a “grand family” over the years.

Since the establishment in 2008 with less than 150 members, IUAA has been untiringly striving for its primary missions, as described bellows:

– Strengthening alumni linkage throughout annual activities and the IUAA webpage

– Facilitating collaborative and career opportunities through alumni network

– Raising alumni scholarship foundation – IUAA Awards – for supporting highly potential students

– Improving academic reputation of the International University by actively supporting university quality assessments and enhance public recognition.

For further information about member registration and IUAA’s activities, please access to the following website: //


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